220 Overseas Destinations

Presence in 220 Countries all Around the World

Don’t worry about your belongings such as boxes, personal suitcases, skis, bicycles, as our suppliers are present in over 220 countries around the World so you can rest assured, we take the hassle out of everything for you. Why send your goods with an airline with ever increasing “extra costs” including baggage allowances and surcharges, when the price you get quoted with us, is the price you pay. We can ship your over-sized luggage/belongings anywhere and only use the best carrier in the World which is DHL as their on-time deliveries and reliability are second to none.

Students are looked after incredibly well by Express My Stuff which is why we have developed extensive links in local areas where students travel on Gap Years or who take Internships. So much so – Express My Stuff is the first Company mentioned at the Disney Housing in Florida due to our local office, and the fact one of our staff members works there during the Summer.

By using DHL the Number One carrier in the World, why wait around for a collection? You can now drop your suitcases and belongings off at any Service Point for total convenience.

We have everything covered for hassle-free transportation. We can even shop your favorite brands now in the USA and purchase for you directly with the stores – see our Express My Shopping.


Do you want information from one of our 220 Countries?

Go to http://www.dhl.co.uk/en/country_profile.html