Bike Shipping

Bicycle Shipping Service


Bicyles can be forwarded through Expressmystuff with ease, as we are used to customers taking cycling holidays but also professionals travelling to popular events and training destinations, such as Italy.

See our top tips to help you get the most from the service:
  • 1

    Remove the handlebar.

  • 2

    After removing the handlebar, rotate the fork and stem so they are facing backwards.

  • 3

    Shift the bicycle chain onto the small chain ring and largest rear cog, before attempting to remove the pedals.

  • 4

    Turn the right pedal counter-clockwise and the left pedal clockwise, to un-thread.

  • 8

    Package all items individually and securely using our packaging and labelling guidelines.

  • 7

    Remove racks, drinks bottle holders, bike lights and mudguards.

  • 6

    Secure the wrapped handlebar and other loose parts to the frame using tape and plastic ties.

  • 5

    Loosen and remove the seat post and seat as a unit. Once removed, re-tighten the seat post bolt so the seat does not fall out.



In a rush? Just remember this golden rule.


Once you have taken your bike apart then you will need to package and label it properly. Wrap each item in two inches of bubble wrap and secure it tightly with plenty of packaging tape. Make sure that none of your items can move inside of the box or touch the inner walls. They should be all suspended within 12 inches of internal packaging. We offer additional cover for added reassurance – we understand bikes are precious.

Don’t forget to measure your box and enter the dimensions on step one of the order process for an accurate quote. Bike boxes are large and they will often exceed our standard rates. to receive an accurate quote. Remember, if you do not measure your box accurately and your box exceeds the allowance purchased, you will receive an over size notification when your bag is measured during transit.

Arrange for your bike to arrive before you, as transit times are estimates and, whilst DHL have a great on-time record, it makes sense to protect yourself against unexpected delays by ensuring your bike is due to arrive at least 3 days before you. We recommend having it planned to arrive 5 days before you if sending to or from a designated remote area. If sending on a route on which international customs apply, please also take care to read the information on the relevant pages.

Most resorts and hotels will be happy to store your bike prior to your arrival. You can track your bike every step of the way with our tracking upon confirmation of order

We are delighted to offer a bicycle delivery service and ship many hundreds to most countries around the world. Our bicycle service will beat any prices and offer you a reliable and safe way to transport your bike, all taken care of by the most reliable carrier in the World – DHL!

Let us send your Bicycle Overseas

Shipping a bike overseas is much simpler than you would expect. We’ve teamed up with specialist couriers to provide our customers with the best prices, allowing us to beat most other companies and airlines. Using a bike shipping service allows you to travel to your desired destination without having to worry about dragging lots of baggage with you. You can rest reassured in the knowledge that your bike is being taken care of for you.

Don’t forget to ensure your dimensions are absolutely correct on the quote, and you allow sufficient time as recommended for bicycle/s to arrive before you!