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Step 1: USA/UK Address

Firstly, you purchase your all inclusive Shopping Experience by choosing the number of packages

  • The cost will be fully inclusive of a local warehouse address, consolidation of packages ( see terms ) under one airway bill. Once goods arrive to our warehouse, we will inspect and check, and complete all your shipping weights and dimensions, so all you have to do is simply confirm your shipping label/s. Remember, the weight v prices will be exactly as per our quotation tool, and will be 100% accurate.
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Step 2: Receive Packages

Using Your USA/UK Inbox Address

Once you purchase your Shopping Experience and receive your inbox address you can start using it as a shipping address for your packages. You can use your USA/UK inbox address as your shipping address during checkout for your online purchases at thousands of shopping sites.

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Step 3: Forward Packages/Items

We ask that purchases from different retailers are made at the same time, as we will store your incoming items at no cost for 74 days. Once your final item/package arrives you just login to your account and create and submit the shipment of your packages to your destination address.

Shipment Consolidation

We will consolidate multiple smaller packages/items received to a single shipment. Shipment consolidation can lead to substantial savings where you can save up to 80% in shipping cost compared to shipping individual packages/items. Here is how it works:

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