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Box instead of a Suitcase!

We recommend using double walled cardboard boxes every time - even for a suitcase. The double walled box must be thick and sturdy and be extensively taped up with thick genuine packaging tape along the flaps and seams - taped horizontally and vertically. Don't forget the tape must hold the inner weight.

Plastic boxes or single walled boxes such as crisp boxes are not acceptable. Do not even contemplate bin liners or plastic boxes as these will be refused or stopped in transit.

All inner items must be secured within your box so they cannot move around and become damaged in transit, by padded foam or other packaging protection.

Please attach labels to a cardboard box inside a plastic wallet or by crossing clear tape across the front of the label to ensure the bar code is protected. We strongly recommend genuine label holders which you can add on at the purchase stage and we even throw in a spare one for extra protection.

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