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Customs Advice

Within the European Union mo customs documents are required i.e UK to Spain - France to Germany etc.

If you are sending internationally outside of the European Union you will be required to complete a packing list. On some routes, you may also be required to complete a ‘Personal Effects’ form or to provide additional information such as a copy of the consignee’s Passport or Flight Ticket. More information about this can be found on the relevant country’s Destination Page or refer to DHL.

Almost all of our non-EU shipments will pass through customs without being stopped but remember our prices do not include any taxes, local charges, inspection fees or any other charges. Our transit times are estimated on the basis, there will be nothing stopped in customs to which this is outside of our control.

Goods sent to a hotel must use c/o in the company line to help the customs authority see it is a personal shipment travelling and not a commercial shipment for the hotel i.e goods. Do contact the hotel so they are aware of goods being sent.

Do check your labels are secured properly and it does pay to have two lots of labels with documentation attached as opposed to one. Do check out the customs regulations in each destination as we will assume you have done this prior to booking.

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