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Damaged Contents?

We are always so sorry to hear of any damage and in the rare occasions it happens, please note that glassware, ceramics & electrical products are excluded from cover including the following points:

The insurance cover contains coverage exclusions, not
limited to the following:
• Ordinary leakage, loss in weight or volume, or wear
and tear of the shipment.
• Loss, damage or expense caused by insufficiency
or, unsuitability of packaging or, preparation of the
• Consequential losses, loss of profit or interest, any
indirect losses.
• Loss, damage or expense caused by inherent vice or
nature of the shipment.
• Loss, damage or expense attributable to the wilful
misconduct by the insured or its agents.
• Loss, damage or expense caused by delay.
The following Countries are excluded:
• Cuba.
• Iran.
• Korea, D.P.R. of (North).
• Myanmar.
• Sudan.
• Syria.

Suitcases are only covered in instances where wheels or pull handles have been damaged so please contact in the first instance and we will require photographs to lodge any potential claim.

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