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Sending Bikes/Skis/Surf Boards/ Specialist Sports Equipment

We take all types of sports equipment and have often delivered goods for golf/bike tours within Europe.

We strongly recommend your bike, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards and all other sports equipment is packaged thoroughly in line with those manufacturer guidelines and sent inside a freight approved travel protection case. Please ensure your sports or travel insurance has you fully covered by separate travel or home insurance.

If you do not have a carry case we recommend packaging your sports equipment extensively with bubble wrap and foam before securing it inside a double walled cardboard box with genuine sturdy packaging tape. Sports equipment will travel on automated belts and slide down inner sorting chutes/slides so prepare everything carefully.

It's sender's responsibility to package the sports equipment in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, but if a driver believes packaging is clearly inadequate collection may be refused. Even if the item is accepted, this is not on the basis of satisfactory packaging.

Don't take chances - package your products well and go over the top and ensure tips/points/handles are secure with extra packaging.

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