How Shopping Works


Step 1: USA/UK Address

Firstly, you purchase your all inclusive Shopping Experience for the following:

  • 1 to 3 packages at a total weight not to exceed 12 kilos at a cost of £30
  • 1 to 7 packages at a total weight not to exceed 25 kilos at a cost of £70
  • The eighth or more packages will be charged at £8 per package with a weight not to exceed 5 kilos per package.

The cost will be fully inclusive of a local warehouse address, consolidation of packages ( see terms ) under one airway bill. Once goods arrive to our warehouse, we will inspect and check, and complete all your shipping weights and dimensions, so all you have to do is simply confirm your shipping label/s. Remember, the weight v prices will be exactly as per our quotation tool, and will be 100% accurate.

Receive packages

Step 2: Receive Packages

Using Your USA/UK Inbox Address

Once you purchase your Shopping Experience and receive your inbox address you can start using it as a shipping address for your packages. You can use your USA/UK inbox address as your shipping address during checkout for your online purchases at thousands of shopping sites.  There is no limit to the number of packages you can receive depending on your shopping purchase. The size of delivered items/packages is only bound by the limits of the forwarding methods of your shipment using DHL to your final destination. For that reason we cannot ship excessively large shipments, fragile items such as glass and can not forward any prohibited that are dangerous or illegal.


Forward packages and mail

Step 3: Forward Packages/Items

We ask that purchases from different retailers are made at the same time, as we will store your incoming items at no cost for 14 days. Once your final item/package arrives you just login to your account and create and submit the shipment of your packages to your destination address. During this process you will see the cost for each shipping method available for the package size and destination address.  can We will process your shipment request, send your package to your destination address, and provide tracking information.

Shipment Consolidation

We will consolidate multiple smaller packages/items received to a single shipment. Shipment consolidation can lead to substantial savings where you can save up to 80% in shipping cost compared to shipping individual packages/items. Here is how it works:
In addition to simply placing multiple packages in a larger box, we can fully use all the dead space and o have the original shipping packaging removed in order to reduce the size and weight of the consolidated shipment and save even more in shipping costs.



Please note that the free consolidation/repacking is limited to a time allowance of 1 minute of repacking time per each package/item included in the shipment and applies only to shipments shipped out by Express My Shopping. The free consolidation time allowance is typically sufficient for most shipments requiring a simple removal of original shipping packaging or simple non-sealed product packaging such as shoe boxes, and then repacking the items in an appropriately sized shipping box.
Any request that extends processing time of a shipment beyond the free consolidation time allowance, such as removal of sealed product packaging, individual product price tags, plastic bags from clothing, and/or packing large number of items tightly in a shipping box to maximize shipping box content, or where custom shipping box crafting and packing is required, is considered optional “extended processing” and is billed in addition to the regular fees.
The free consolidation/repacking time allowance does not apply to shipments picked up at Express My Shopping warehouse including shipments shipped using customer provided shipping labels. Any additional processing for such shipments including removal or covering of original shipping labels, repacking or packing tape reinforcement, will be billed as “extended processing” in addition to the regular processing fees.

International shipment not exceeding total declared value of 2500 USD; domestic shipment not exceeding total declared value of 10000 USD.
  • Non-consolidated shipment limits (simple re-shipping):
    • Any size package up to the carrier limit that does not require special handling equipment other than a cart or a hand truck, and can be re-shipped without re-packing in the original packaging.
  • Consolidated shipment limits:
    • New packaging: Express My Shopping will provide a strong cardboard shipping box free of charge up to the size of 35 x 17 x 17 inches (89 x 43 x 43 cm) per shipment if shipped by Express My Shopping (does not apply to shipments picked up at the warehouse or shipped using customer provided shipping labels: reused packaging is provided free of charge, if needed, new shipping boxes provided at retail prices).
    • Existing packaging: Express My Shopping will insert additional items in one of the consolidated packages if it does not require repacking in a new box regardless of size as long as the package does not exceed carrier limits and does not require special handling equipment other than a cart or a hand truck.
  • A handling fee of $10.00 will be added for packages weighing more than 30kg.

Any other shipment that exceeds these limits (i.e. customer needs repacking in a new box over 35 x 17 x 17 inches) will be handled as a “extended processing” request available as an optional service. Upon customer’s request to process such shipment, all cost of custom packing material plus any extended shipment consolidation/repacking time billed will be added to the regular processing fees.

Happy Shopping!