How the Personal Shopper Service Works

Is there a Personal Shopper Fee?

Yes, there is currently a fee of 5% of the goods value, with a minimum of $10.00 (or equivalent) for any order.

Which Stores can the Personal Shopper service help with?

The Personal Shopper payment service is able to pay for goods on your behalf only when the seller can’t or won’t accept credit or debit cards issued by banks outside their country.

*At this time, the Personal Shopper service cannot be used to purchase virtual goods (e.g., downloadable material and digital subscriptions).

Can you claim a 1st order discount for me?

We are unable to claim first order discounts. In the majority of cases we already have accounts with the sellers, and it is not possible to set up multiple accounts in order to claim first order discounts.

Is there a limit to the size of order I can place?

Yes, the maximum order size is exactly as per your Shopping Experience order.

Just as with the Send My Stuff regular service, goods from different sellers can be consolidated into one shipment under one carrier airway bill.

The retailer/store offered “Buy one, get one free”, but I have not received the free one!

If your instructions to us were for an offer advertised as “Buy one, get one free”, we would have placed the order for that offer. We cannot be held responsible for the merchant failing to fulfill the offer.

There might be several explanations for why you didn’t receive the “free” item for example, the offer expired, or there were limited quantities, or perhaps the “free” item is shipped separately and arrives at a later time. Any time you don’t receive the exact goods you instructed us to order on your behalf, you need to contact the retailer/store directly.

If any item is out of stock?

We will cancel the whole order and notify you. You will not be charged.

You will have the option to place a new order excluding the out of stock items.

Will you still place my order if there is a price variance?

If the price is more than 1% higher than you instructed, we will cancel the order; this may happen where you have omitted to include local sales tax or domestic delivery charges to your Express My Shopping suite address. We will notify you, and you will need to resubmit your order with the correct price.

If the price is lower than you instructed, we will place the order and you will be charged the actual order amount.

Can I cancel the order?

Sorry, we cannot accept cancellations or amendments to your order once you have submitted it. You should be certain you want to order the product(s) before submitting your order via our Personal Shopper Service.

Can you claim other discounts for me?

We will always use discount codes supplied to us (except 1st order promotion codes or American Girl Codes), but we cannot accept responsibility for sellers declining, or failing to apply, discount codes. Any special instructions such as discount codes need to be supplied in the item description field.

Will you help me choose or locate a product?

Yes, our Personal Shopper Service can recommend products but the final decision is yours.