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Suitcases, Bags and Boxes

We send out everything from boxes to suitcases to bags to sports equipment!  Please ensure your item is designed to hold the inner weight, also secure all straps and handles. All quotes are based on size and weight check if your item fits within our standard allowance – https://www.expressmystuff.co.uk/allowances/

Double Walled Boxes

We transit boxes in the thousands but only use strong double walled cardboard boxes. If a 5kg express rate is available on your route, only boxes and packages which can be measured accurately are permitted on that particular service. Small cases, backpacks/rucksacks or any other items with straps or protruding parts are not permitted on the 5kg express service whatsoever.

Golf Equipment

Why hire clubs? On international services golf bags under 120cm will be charged at our standard suitcase rates, but if they exceed 120cm a £25 + VAT fee will apply. Within the UK, we ship sports equipment up to 150cm with no extra fee when it is also within our 30kg rate weight and size limits. Go to – https://www.expressmystuff.co.uk/send-golf-clubs/

Ski Equipment

Please do note, we can accept ski gear up to 220cm but if your bag is over 120cm a £25 + VAT fee will apply. Within the UK,  Ski equipment up to 150cm will not be charged when the bag is within the weight and size allowance of our up to 30kg rate. Go to our – https://www.expressmystuff.co.uk/ski-shipping/

Transit of Bicycles

Take your Bicycle with you but remember, bike boxes take up more space than a suitcase, so check out how we charge for large items or click “Book Now” to enter dimensions and receive a custom quote. Go to our – https://www.expressmystuff.co.uk/bike-shipping/

Not Permitted

We can not accept plastic bags (including laundry bags) or plastic boxes. Do remember, we can’t accept aerosols inside luggage. Our rules on toiletries vary by route but view our prohibited items list for your destination. Go to – https://www.expressmystuff.co.uk/prohibited-itemsno-compensation-items-list/