Send Golf Clubs

Shipping Golf Clubs Ahead

Shipping golf clubs directly to the golf course saves you time and hassle at the airport. Whether you’re shipping golf clubs to Portugal, Ireland or to Spain, you can bypass the check-in line and skip the wait at the baggage carousel. Head directly to the course, where your golf clubs will be awaiting your arrival.

What is the Cost to Ship Golf Clubs?

Express My Stuff provides an all-inclusive pricing structure, which means that there are never any hidden fees or surcharges. Our predictable, straightforward baggage categories make it easy to determine the cost of shipping golf clubs to virtually any destination worldwide. When you compare our prices, you will see, we are the most affordable golf club shipping option. We feel so confidently about this that we have a best price guarantee

Shipping Golf Clubs Internationally

Express My Stuff specializes in shipping golf clubs internationally and in addition to having the lowest prices around, the five easy steps of ordering will complete and submit all country-specific Customs documentation. This will ensure that your golf clubs clear Customs on schedule and will be delivered to your hotel or the golf course on time. Express my Stuff is the best way to ship golf clubs overseas!

Protection and Packaging

Package and protect your golf clubs thoroughly. A golf bag that you walk around the course with is not suitable protection for sending your clubs through transit. The best packaging option is placing your standard set of clubs inside a freight-approved hard travel case for total protection. If one isn’t available, we recommend packaging your golf bag securely within a double walled cardboard box. As golf club shipping is hugely popular there are lots of retailers selling specially sized boxes for shipping golf clubs – check them out! We recommend taking extra care to wrap and add additional protection to vulnerable areas such as around the heads of drivers. Express My StuffSend My Bag cover can only extend to damage claims when golf clubs are sent within a freight-approved case but packaging should be thorough, regardless of the packaging method.

As our quotes are based on both size and weight, we recommend proceeding from our quick quotation tool to the five easy steps of the booking process where you can enter dimensions to receive a quote for your exact item. Some golf bags can be quite chunky and when you enter the dimensions you may find your golf bag, when packaged, will exceed the large suitcase allowance.

When any item exceeds 120cm there are certain parts of the network it cannot move through automatically and it will be unloaded and moved by hand. As such, when you book to ship an item over 120cm there is an additional handling fee added. If your item exceeds 120cm the handling fee will be included when you receive your detailed quote at step one of the booking process. Even the largest woods and drivers tend not to exceed 115cm and so we suggest measuring your closed golf bag before buying your box or freight case and opting for one under 120cm. We do not recommend sending golf clubs simply within their standard golf bag or within a soft-sided travel bag and we can not extend insurance when packaged this way.


When sending your golf clubs for a vacation or tournament do ensure they arrive a few days before you do. We and our carrier DHL have a super on-time delivery record but unexpected delays do occur from time to time and we recommend having your clubs arrive 3 days before you, or 5 days if sending to or from a designated remote area.