Size and Weight Allowances

The Express My Stuff quotation is based on both the size and weight of your item. Our quick tool quatation displays a price based on weight, ie quoting £30 for a 30kg item, but do remember,  there is also a maximum size associated with that quote.

Charges for Extra Weight and Volume
If your items exceeds the weight or size allowance of a lower band, your item will be moved to the next band available on that service, e.g. moved from the 15kg rate to 30kg rate.

If you exceed the weight allowance of 30kg as an example, you will be charged per kg for each additional 1kg (per kg rates vary by route and are displayed in our quick quotation tool).

If your item’s volume exceeds the allowance of the upper band, you will be charged at a rate of 1kg for every additional 5000 cm³. Please do refer to our volume calculator as it’s useful to use.

We do offer on some routes a 5kg express rate for the convenience of our customers who need to send a small parcel.

Maximum Dimensions
On UK domestic services, when the item weighs under 30kgs, the item can not exceed a maximum length of 150cm with no extra charge. If your item exceeds 30kgs and 120cm a fee of £30 will apply. No item can exceed 220cm whatsoever as the carrier will refuse collection..

International routes – please do consider, if your item has one or more dimension greater than 120cm, you will be charged £25 + VAT (VAT is only charged on EU routes).

Enter the external dimensions of all boxes/suitcases and do not make the mistake of using internal measurements.

Points to Remember

Restrictions may vary depending on the destination of your shipment. The following information is provided as a general guide:

  • Maximum dimensions per item: 120 x 120 x 150 cm high
  • Maximum recommended weight for parcels: 70 kg (DHL are often flexible as to maximum weight, but please be prepared to assist drivers with parcels weighing more than 31.5kg)
  • Maximum weight for palletised goods: 1000kg