Student Shipping

Why Students should use us

Our sister companies have already been dealing with students and universities for many years ranging from the selling of student furniture for halls, student accommodation, or arranging to transport luggage/suitcases back from internship placements in the Summer ie Disney in Orlando. Our very own member of staff, Emily who graduated at Birmingham University, has worked for Disney on an Internship programme for the last few Summer seasons, and used her connections to save many hundreds of students a huge amount of money by using our luggage/box services. Contact Emily at for any advice, even if it’s just about her Disney experience and travelling throughout the USA and Australia with Contiki. We also have James who helps us out, and currently at Newcastle University. So, as you can tell, with the huge buying power of our sister companies for student procurement coupled with in house student experience, our knowledge is second to none.

Let the Journey Begin
When you’re moving from School to University, there’s an added stress of furniture and moving all your stuff from A to B. One sister company, the largest UK retailer of furniture, already supplies students and universities with beds and mattresses, and another sister company imports a huge amount of freight from overseas which also includes student’s belongings and luggage. Let Express My Stuff take care of all your requirements for you, and move everything from home to halls the easy way. We can easy do your shopping for you, if you are moving to the USA or UK so look at our Express My Shopping information.

Removals for Students

Costs are high taking all your baggage to University on flights, whether they’re domestic or international, and even taking your stuff in a car or on the train. Express My Stuff provides excellent value shipping that will deliver your student stuff to your door, in next to no time. Empty your belongings into suitcases or reinforced double walled cardboard boxes, ensuring there’s nothing breakable inside them, select your delivery online at Express My Stuff using the quick quotation for an estimation on delivery dates and prices, and your stuff will be collected without any hassle.

Gap Years/Overseas Internships

Going travelling or taking a work placement/internship with Disney, Camp America, Universal or Contiki? We are here to help, as our staff member Emily whilst on internships at Disney in Orlando, discovered many thousands of students took a lot of luggage for their 3 month placements, and then wanted to go travelling by themselves or through Contiki tours. Emily, who now works for us, helped many thousands of students take the hassle from travelling by arranging to have their luggage sent back home at a super value cost. Don’t be hammered with excess luggage, as we are the experts and send freight for businesses, as well as students, all around the World, so we know, what we are doing.

You may want us to send you stuff ahead, so everything will be where you need it when you need it, without having to budget for even more funds. Express My Stuff will save you huge fees from airlines and also take the hassle out of carrying heavy bags around the airport, and on arrival to your destination accommodation.

Select your student shipping collection date with everything labelled, and you are good to go. Express My Stuff will do the rest.

Student Pricing


Express My Stuff offer discounted student pricing, the difference between our student prices and regular prices can vary but is typically 5-10%.

To obtain a discount code, this is easy so simply Instagram @expressmystuff or write on our Facebook wall requesting a Student Discount Code and include which university you attend. We will respond with a code which you can enter at the purchase stage.

NUS, ISIC & Student Advantage


NUS Extra, ISIC and Student Advantage card holders have access to the best Express My Stuff prices available, as cardholders receive 10% discount off all regular prices on all routes. When you tweet @expressmystuff or write on our Facebook wall requesting a Student Discount Code, do include your card numbers, so we can check against our data base, otherwise you will receive the lesser student discount.